Friday, 13 May 2022

Just be!

When we look at each other with wonder, we will stand in awe of what God has made.
Ignore the flaws.
Ignore the talents.
Ignore the things that stir our own emotions.
Just be amazed at the human, the person, the existence.
When we understand that our purpose here on earth is to exist and continually strive for survival, we will be at rest with everything else.
Do you have an eye to bear witness? You have a purpose.
Do you have an ear to hear? You have a purpose.
Do you have a mouth to speak, arms and hands to work, legs and feet to move, a heart that feels, and a mind that thinks? You have a purpose.
Stop wondering why you are here.
Stop wondering what your purpose in life is ... or should be.
Just be.
Teach others to be.
In being, you are living your purpose.
Use what you have to enhance the community in which you live without the need for recognition.
Tomorrow, or the next day, when you are no longer here, when your existence on earth has ended, when you no longer have a purpose on earth, you will no longer be recognised.
Remembered? Perhaps.
Forgotten? Perhaps.
Recognised? ...
Forget the need to constantly be in the spotlight.
Forget the need to be rewarded.
Stop worrying about being loved, honoured, and respected.

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