Sunday, 24 August 2014

There is no-one on Earth like you

You are unique. What you have to offer the world is rare and that adds value to who you are.

You weren’t born by accident. It doesn’t matter who your parents are or what led to the fact that you were born. If your birth was not meant to be, you would not be here reading this article. Knowing that you are here, alive and able, means that you are living a life of purpose. Everyone has a purpose.

Your main purpose on Earth is to survive. This purpose is energy-driven because throughout the day there are constant transitions between potential and kinetic energy as your body uses chemical energy to survive.

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are represented by an Aura-energyfield that surrounds your head and entire body (extending 1,2m – 1,5m all around you). So, yes! You are a source of abundant energy. You are amazing!

Your Aura vibrates and when you are healthy it is bright and consists of different colours and shapes. When you are unhealthy (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), your electromagnetic field of energy seems to become depleted.

How is an Aura-energy field possible? The molecules, atoms and cells in your body consist of energy particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, and tinier particles) that vibrate. These particles vibrate in their nucleus and generate a small electrical impulse in your body, which forms a magnetic field around your body.

When you think about electromagneticwaves in the air around you, you will realise that they too are invisible to the human eye. Your body is an authority that is aware of these things because every system in your body is designed electronically. Your cellular metabolism and your heartbeat are mere examples of this.  

Your passion is linked to all this energy and your Aura. If you are passionate in life, you will have an abundance of healthy energy and a bright Aura. By focusing on your strengths you will have a positive attitude. You cannot ignore your weaknesses. You have to recognise and address them so that you can continue to grow as a healthy and energetic person.

Don’t become obsessed with seeking your purpose. Being here is purposeful. Even if you don’t understand why you are here, doing what you are doing, remember one important thing: there is a bigger picture. In the here and now, you can only see part of your life’s picture. You have to live in the moment and live to your full potential so that you contribute to this picture. It may not seem as if it is making a difference now, but in the future you will have played a significant part for something or someone else.

Absolute time is a man-made concept. It is not perfect and the measurement of it is subject to human error. So, be patient. Never wish time away and never wish time delay. Everything is relative and what will be, will be. While you are here, live your unique and amazing life to the best of your ability. Work on being healthy. Work on being positive. Work on being energetic. Be passionate. Be happy. Everything you need is within you.    

You don’t have to keep up any appearances. You don’t have to wear a mask or pretend to be someone you aren’t. You are who you are, a truly remarkable person. Accept who you are. Love who you are. Just being you is meaningful and there’s purpose in your presence.

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