Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bouncing back

Every trial or bad experience in life makes you more resilient. Failure in itself is a stepping stone. It's a learning experience to achieving something better. A lot of people prefer to stay down once they've hit the floor, but in reality it's not how far you fall that makes the difference. It's how high you bounce when you reach bottom.

It's hard to bounce back if you're always negative. Negative thoughts just keep you down. So the first thing to do after hitting the floor, is to get up and limit the amount of negativity that enters your mind. The more resilient you become in life, the more you'll find yourself using positive thoughts to help you bounce back.

Negative emotions not only keep you down, they also put limits on your thoughts. They prevent you from thinking clearly and finding solutions. That's where the power of positive thinking comes in. When you're positive, your mind works in so many different ways. You find yourself coping better and recovering from setbacks a whole lot faster. The most amazing thing about a positive mindset is that it helps to drive negativity away.

Bouncing back isn't easy, especially if there's no bounce in you. When you're really down and life seems to have come to a standstill, bouncing back may be the last thing you're thinking of, but no matter how far life pushes you down, you have the power to decide whether you're going to stay down or bounce back. You decide when, how and why. Continue to think positive thoughts and give yourself enough time.

Then, when you're ready, start bouncing.

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