Monday, 20 March 2017

Who is right?

Like many Christians, I, too, can throw Bible verses around to try and win an argument; but, I don’t want to argue my way through life. For every argument there is a counter-argument and living a life that’s based on debating isn’t my idea of fun. Arguments tend to become hot under the collar.

People should learn to respect one another. We all look at the world from our own windows. No-one shares the same window, so the views are different. Each person has his own perspective and opinion as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. If, for example, you are fully convinced in your mind that what you esteem is better is indeed better, then who am I, fully convinced in my mind, perhaps that it is not better, to argue with you? My soul purpose here on earth is not to judge, condemn, force my opinion onto others or to control and master where others stand or fall.

When we live on earth and focus all our time on the ENERGY within and around us, there is no time to worry about small things, like what someone else is wearing, driving, eating or drinking. People make choices on a daily basis according to their mood, health, attitude, circumstances, unforeseen situations, status, and the people in their lives. The list of reasons for our choices is endless. No-one can tell another person how to live because they don’t share the same emotions or experiences. They don’t have the same levels of energy. Some people are inclined towards optimism and others are pessimistic. Why, then, do we want to manipulate or convince others to think the way we do? An opinion is an opinion. A fact is a fact. What is it, then, that drives us to demand homogeneity?

In my third novel, the main character swears profusely. Near the end of the novel, she meets up with the murderer in the story and the question comes to light: What is worse: to murder (a physical deed) or to swear (something that comes from the heart)? The main character tells the murderer that she can stop swearing at any time, but the person who was killed cannot be brought back to life. Many will argue this point. What comes from the heart is worse. Others will argue about the definition of swearing. Some people think that swearing is worse than smoking. They will even throw in a Bible verse to prove it: “It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” Matthew 15:11. Does this only include swearing or is quarreling included? The very question leads on to more quarreling.

We should not quarrel about our perspectives or opinions. We should learn from each other. We should endeavour to understand what others think, feel and accept to be right. We need to understand another person’s perspective. Only then, do we learn. If we cannot understand their perspective, then there’s something within us, not them, that needs adjustment. We are students for life. We are here on earth to live and to learn. There is no law on earth that insists that we must be right with regard to everything.

If we can acknowledge everything that comes our way with thanksgiving, regardless whether we accept it or not, we are indeed greater in sincerity than those who constantly want to impose their perspectives and opinions upon us!

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