Saturday, 25 October 2014

i hear africa

This is another poem of Africa that will be in my poetry book, Breathing African Air. 

i hear africa 

the hoopoe calls hoop-hoop
hoop-hoop-hoop on forest
tree trunk where high-pitched grey
hornbill ignores the kwe
of a grey go-away
cicada swarms where sun
light warms and plays tymbals
zizzing a song crickets
chirping cheerily all
summer long the turtle
dove mourns the heat and coos
its love song to the breeze
green garden gnat and red
dotted lady bird mute
marvels of the insect
world wing their way from tree
to tree in dappled shade
of green and yellow grass
hides mounds of red ground where
thousands of termites work
the anteater’s long snout
goes about to forage
for the delicacy
of the veld the whinny
and braying bark of a
zebra standing near while
blue wildebeest ga-noo
in the arid karoo
and graze in the heat haze
for days the lazy cat
camouflaged yawns and waits
for feline fury to
fetch the food and thunders
out a roar to warn the
cackling hyenas and
hears their manic panic
ooooh-whoop ooooh-whoop ooooh-whoop
waiting in pack nearby
the sun soon sets in shades
on africa and an
elephant bull trumpets
his call to a herd who
hears the rumble and chirps
to the rhythm of the
beat the hippo submerged
surfaces and grunts on
land to roam on sand where
a crocodile once tanned
in the sun the flutter
of feathers dust the ground
and the owl’s hoo-hooopooo
breaks the silence of dark
a distant lone jackal
howls to the moon and my
africa says goodnight

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