Tuesday, 3 January 2012

You are amazing!

You are amazing. Oh yes, you are. You are made with organs that do awe-inspiring things. 

Take your heart as an example. When you think about your heart, do you ever consider that it is more than just a muscle pumping blood and maintaining circulation? Many people believe that the heart beats because the brain controls it. That’s not true. In an unborn fetus, the heart starts to beat before the brain has been formed. 

Your heart has its own independent nervous system and is well supplied with sensory nerve endings. It’s nervous system contains around 40,000 neurons, called sensory neuritis. It is also intricately connected to the brain by the nervous system.

Your heart has its own intrinsic nervous system that operates and processes information independently of the brain or nervous system. 

It communicates this information in four ways:

  • neurologically (transmissions of nerve impulses);
  • biochemically (hormones and neurotransmitters);
  • biophysically (pressure waves); and 
  • energetically (electromagnetic field interactions).
This communication system shows that your heart has a very important influence on the function of your brain. Your heart communicates with your brain in ways that significantly affect how you perceive and react to the world.

Your heart sends emotional and intuitive signals to your brain. It is an intelligent force behind your intuitive thoughts and feelings. It helps your brain to arrive at conclusions. All your emotional and motivating capacities are built within it. This simply means that all the emotions that motivate you originate from the heart.

Your mind gathers information, thinks on it and processes it through reason and logic. It then reaches conclusions. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding are achieved. Your mind then feeds your heart with this information, received either from a present moment or from memory.

Although your heart and mind are separate and distinct, they work together closely. Your mind feeds your heart because in reality you see, hear, feel, and receive the effects of your physical senses through the use of your brain. Your heart again, feeds your mind. It has the ability to move or motivate your mind.

From a very young age your mind exercises a strong influence on your heart. Your mind is like a sponge. It is constantly absorbing information. It also acknowledges all the things that influence you, whether it's at home, at school/work or in your neighbourhood. Conclusions and impressions are made. These experiences are communicated with the heart. Good conclusions and impressions will have a positive effect. Bad ones will have a negative effect. Your desires and motivation are then either good or bad. Good or bad traits take root in the heart and are reflected in your personality.  

The questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • Is your heart motivating you in the right direction? 
  • Are good traits being reflected in your personality?
If there are bad traits, you have the amazing power to renew and strengthen your mind and your heart. Everyone is always talking about paradigm shift, changing your way of thinking. It's also important to change your heart by paying attention to what you think and feel. You have the physical, mental and emotional power to change. You alone can determine the quality of your life. Positive thoughts and feelings add energy to your system, while negative thoughts and feelings will only exhaust you. 

The power of motivation lies within reach. You need to feed your mind with positive information so that it communicates this through to your heart. Your heart will respond gradually as you impress good things upon it.

Fill your heart with love, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, sincerity, courage and empathy. When you do this your feelings will affect your heart's rhythmic patterns. 

There are three important steps to follow in your daily routine:

  1. Learn to do everything slower. Breathe more often. This will help to alleviate stress. Stress has an effect on the rhythm of your heart. If you learn to do things slower and remain focused, you will end up being more productive.
  1. Plan your day and stick to your plan. Do everything you can to eliminate distractions and really focus on what you have to do. You will be amazed how much more productive you can be. Less is more. You have the power to control your daily routine. Make sure that you don’t do more than that which is required. 
  1. Find time to be still. When you are quiet and on your own, it will not only calm your mind, but it will also calm your heart. When you start to relax, and your mind is clear, your heart will send impressions and ideas to your brain and you will find solutions for many problems. You will be more intuitive.
Do you now see why you are so amazing? Enjoy who you are and live with the purpose of perceiving your world with a healthy heart and mind. Only you can make the difference. The difference not only affects you, but everyone in your life.

Help others to see how amazing they are.

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